Pantopia at Busch Gardens

Wharton-Smith provided construction management services for the renovation and re-theming of one of Busch Gardens original feature areas, formerly known as Timbuktu. The new Pantopia attraction included an elaborate paint scheme, prop and thematic element fabrications, themed hardscapes, and landscaping. Four new food service venues complete with infrastructure and utilities, finishes, and kitchen equipment packages were included. This work occurred in an active section of the theme park requiring multiple phases and guest traffic modifications. Additionally, the park’s former 4D theater was transformed into a live animal show. Housing and recreational areas were created backstage for the animals. The project required significant site work and utilities work to make functional areas for animals, both indoors and outdoors. The theater renovation included a complete seating overhaul and creation of a raised stadium-type riser system and an upgrade of the theater’s lighting and sound systems.

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