Rollins College, Pugsley, Lyman-Gale Dormitory, and Ward Residence Hall Renovations

The Princeton Review recently ranked Rollins College as the Number 1 Most Beautiful Campus in the Nation. We’d like to think our skilled craftsmen played a small part in this recognition. Delivered design-build, the renovation of the Puglsey and Lyman-Gale Dormitories on the historic campus included exterior architectural finishes, dormitory rooms, replacing all windows, new LEED-rated wood doors, corridors, staircases, and installing ADA ramps. The kitchen in Lyman-Gale Hall was also modernized and new fire sprinkler and alarm systems were installed.

Renovation of the 40-year-old Ward Hall consisted of the addition of a classroom and faculty apartment, along with new courtyards, sidewalks, grading and exterior painting. Work also included upgrades to mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection, as well as new flooring, walls, and ceilings throughout the building.

“(Completing) a project involving the complete demolition and renovation of the entire Ward Hall Dormitory and exterior hardscape in the time frame of only 84 days was a major accomplishment.  Your management was able to coordinate the work and manage multiple subcontractors, with the quality workmanship that Wharton-Smith is known for.”  -Richard Shortridge, Construction Project Manager, Rollins College

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