St. Cloud Water Treatment Plant No. 4

This new water treatment plant for the City of St. Cloud was designed and built with the cutting-edge magnetic ion exchange (MIEX) process, an alternative to the use of granular activated carbon adsorption and nonofiltration for the removal of naturally occurring organic matter, which plays a significant role in the creation of disinfection by-products (DBPs). The 9 million gallon per day plant replaces nearly all of the existing water treatment plant capacity within the city because of its size and water treatment quality. Built on a six-acre greenfield site, the project includes an administration building, which also houses the high service pump room; two prestressed concrete 1.0 MG ground storage tanks (120’-0” DIA); chemical storage area; a polishing filter area; the main cast-in-place concrete MIEX Treatment Structure; an on-site precast well building; two off-site precast well buildings; three standby diesel generators; an extensive security system, including a crash gate; and all associated site work and landscaping.

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