Student Services Transportation Facility

The Volusia County School Board has one of the largest transit school bus fleets in the southeast with some 440,000 school buses transporting more than 24 million children to school every day. Wharton-Smith managed the construction of a replacement transportation facility for the school district that enables preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled inspections of their fleet.

Located on an environmentally sensitive 25-acre site, the replacement facility consists of a new 11,000 square-foot operations building; a new 30,000 square-foot bus maintenance building, a 4,400 square-foot bus wash and refueling island; and parking for approximately 250 buses and 250 cars. Wharton-Smith worked closely with the Volusia County School Board to assure proper protection of the wetland area, including providing oversight of the relocation of gopher tortoises. The project team also followed the storm water protection plan so runoff from construction activities would not make its way into the wetland area. 

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