Three Oaks Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Expansion

Wharton-Smith, in partnership with AECOM, provided design-build services for this plant expansion increasing capacity from 3.0 MGD to 6.0 MGD, with future expansion capability to 9.0 MGD. All work had to be completed while keeping the old plant on-line. The project included a new influent force main, a new headworks structure, additional aeration to one of the oxidation ditches, rehab/increased capacity for the existing clarifiers and pumping station, two new 85’ diameter clarifiers and pumping station, new filters, modifications to the ground storage tanks, new reuse pumping station and deep injection well with a monitoring well, new bio-solids handling facility, new sodium hypochlorite storage facility and pumping skid, new electrical building, modifications to the existing electrical building, and a new standby generator. Wharton-Smith self-performed 80% of the construction.

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