West Shore Jr. / Sr. High School

The project included the design and construction of a new 15,000-square-foot multi-purpose building with four classrooms, auditorium space that seats 300 people, a performance platform, prop and chair storage, control room, lobby and restrooms.

Another significant scope of work included the complete replacement of the existing electrical power vault, originally installed in 1958. Renovations were also completed throughout the campus including installation of data wiring systems, the complete exterior painted, replacement of all exterior doors and hardware, the installation of a new elevator, and HVAC upgrades. All work was performed on an active, occupied campus.

“The West Shore High School is a project that has certainly ‘gone right’, as we have been truly blessed with not only our construction project, but also with the wonderful working relationship forged with our ‘heroes’ from Wharton-Smith. It was comforting to know that Wharton-Smith always cared about the impact a phase of operation was going to have on our students.” – Rick Fleming, Principal

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