Production System Reward for Small Operation Goes to St. Petersburg Plant Improvements Project Team

Prod Reward July

August 26, 2015 – Tampa, Florida – The winning small operation plan for July belongs to Robert Rowland, Marek Mietus, Rickey Baxley, and Scott Griffith from the St. Petersburg NEWRF Plant Improvements project in the Tampa Division. Click here to see the full plan.

About the Plan
The project team put together an operational production plan for installing the 6” FRP duct. During that process, the team discovered a problem with the duct fabrication. This afforded them the opportunity to take corrective measures before attempting the installation and thereby lessen the impact.

All of the key components of an Operational Production Plan were present. A workzone diagram showing where to place the men, materials, and machinery while installing the work. The operation specifics listed out all of the materials and tools needed. The operation sequence mapped out the resources dedicated to each task. 

By taking the time to develop and follow a plan, the Tampa team stayed within budget for installing the duct. More importantly, they minimized the impact of the fabrication error by correcting it before installation. As a reward each member of the crew will receive $100 cash.