Wharton-Smith Honored as one of Charlotte Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for 2018

Charlotte, NC – On November 16, Wharton-Smith team members were honored at the Charlotte Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for 2018. CBJ created a fun-filled event for the 80-plus local employers at Topgolf, where they revealed the official rankings and presented the awards. Wharton-Smith’s Charlotte office moved up the list from No. 12 to No. 4 for mid-sized companies!

For this unique awards presentation, CBJ reserved seventy golf bays. The goal was to honor recipients while creating a team outing that would “strengthen camaraderie.” Our Charlotte office had an open bay for eight participants. Team members hit micro-chipped golf balls that tracked each shot’s accuracy and distance while awarding points for hitting targets on the outfield.

Charlotte team members (pictured left to right) Jake Springer, Frank DiPaolo, Patrick Reynolds, Andrew Miller, Sean Stanford, Bret Estridge, Chris Kerr, and Will Shipman were among more than 400 attendees celebrating their win by hitting golf balls, enjoying hors d’oeuvres, and listening as CBJ praised the companies “whose benefits, policies, and practices are among the Charlotte area’s best.”

To qualify, a survey was sent out from the CBJ to both office and field employees asking about benefits, policies, and practices. The survey includes topics like workplace trust and goal development. All of those who made the Best Places list qualified by scoring at or above the national average in those areas.

Division Manager Sean Stanford writes, “It was a good opportunity for team members from both water/wastewater and commercial to relax and enjoy an afternoon together.” And regarding the survey, he added, “It’s nice to know our employees are coming to work happy and our Wharton-Smith brand and reputation are making strides in the Charlotte market.”