Field Operations

On the operations side, field employees are connected to the day-to-day progress of our projects. With every person having their part, they are responsible for ensuring our projects are well coordinated, properly scheduled and within budget. They are the force that makes it happen.


Senior Superintendent / Superintendent

Superintendents are responsible for all on-site activities during a project. Their duties include the coordination of the project field staff, all subcontractors, and field construction activities. They provide overall responsibility for field construction operations, jobsite safety, and quality control. Senior Superintendents may oversee multiple project teams and larger projects.

Surveyor At Consruction Site

Field Engineer

Field engineers play an essential role on our projects. Prior to and during construction, field engineers help with surveying, quality assurance, inventory and storage control, material purchases, as-built drawing review, and coordinating facility start-up activities.



Our skilled foremen are exceptional craftsmen in their trades. As the first line of management, a foreman has a leadership role within his or her specific trade – mentoring and providing technical guidance and assistance throughout the project. They are instrumental in verifying dimensions, surveying, maintaining productivity, and assuring quality standards are met.



From foundations and concrete forms to scaffolds and tunnel supports, carpenters are charged with structural operation activities.

Pipe Fitter


Our team of pipefitters are responsible for the layout, assembly, and installation of a large variety of pipe systems from ductile iron to PVC. They possess a unique skill in their field of work and provide assistance to the water, wastewater, and utility projects.

Concrete Finisher

Concrete Form Workers and Finishers

Concrete form workers and finishers place/pour, finish, protect, and repair concrete on construction projects.

Heavy Machine Operator

Heavy Equipment Operators

Our equipment operators are responsible for moving and hauling materials throughout the duration of the project. Excavators, backhoes, dozers, skid steers, and graders are just a few of the types of equipment we use on our jobsites.

construction crane

Crane Operators

Crane operators lift, move, and position loads using hoisting attachments, such as a hook, sling, or bucket. The operator observes load hookup and is responsible for the safety of the load.