We believe the preconstruction process is unique to each customer. Our seasoned estimators do more than simply suggest lower priced equipment or materials to reduce costs. They work with owners and design teams to evaluate ‘needs versus wants’ with an ultimate goal of providing the highest value without compromising quality. Because we are also in the hard dollar bid market, we have the advantage of knowing the true market value of building materials and services and understand what items must be included in a project, even if not specifically shown on the documents. This enables our estimates to avoid gaps, overlaps and omissions.

We bring a detailed perspective to every project asking many questions and evaluating different strategies. We provide life-cycle analysis and look at up-front costs versus long term paybacks to ensure the greater value for the money spent. Our formal review process ensures every project is analyzed for practicality, access, phasing, schedule, seasonal issues, and other items affecting constructability. Because of our commitment to enhanced preconstruction services, our estimating teams are lauded by our clients for our ability to provide accurate GMPs and bring added value to every project.

“No other construction management firm has provided the high degree of detail, coordination, or team building in preconstruction services as Wharton-Smith. If the preconstruction services phase represents the future course of Wharton-Smith project, there is no question that their clients will have outstanding results.” – S. Keith Bailey, AIA