Media Spotlight on Virgin Trains USA Expansion

Railway Age penned an article regarding the announcement of contractors—Hubbard Construction Company, Wharton-Smith Inc., The Middlesex Corporation, Granite and HSR Constructors—for the Virgin Trains USA expansion.

According to the article, these five contractors will develop 170 miles of track into the “new South Terminal at the Orlando International Airport (MCO), representing a total private investment of $4 billion.”

Patrick Goddard, President of Virgin Trains USA, remarked, “For a project of this scope and magnitude, a world-class construction team has been assembled to undertake this tremendous assignment and we congratulate them helping us make history.”

Within the article, our President and CEO Ron Davoli talks about what this project will mean for Central Florida and how excited we are to be a part of it.

“For 35 years Wharton-Smith has dedicated itself to all the things that make our hometowns thrive and the Virgin Trains USA project is exactly that,” said Wharton-Smith President and CEO Ron Davoli. “Infrastructure is the backbone of all communities and this project will bring advancements long awaited here in Central Florida. We like to be involved in projects that improve our communities—in fact, improving the quality of life where we live, work and play is what we call the Wharton-Smith way. We cannot wait to get started.”

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