Groundbreaking at Viera

Wharton-Smith team members joined Brevard Public Schools and community members to celebrate the groundbreaking of the new Viera Elementary School. See more pictures.

The project team is constructing a 125,000-square-foot elementary school with 54 classrooms on a 17-acre greenfield site. The $23 million project will also include a 10,000-square-foot standalone, covered play structure with physical education offices, storage rooms, and restrooms.

During the ceremony, Matt Susin, School Board Vice Chair, spoke about the school being slated to open next year; however, due to rapid growth, they needed to open a year early. “This was only possible due to the partnerships that we have in place — partners like Wharton-Smith. They are one of the best general contractors we have inside the state and we are honored to have them as a part of what we do here today.”