Dedication at Horizon West Middle School

On Nov. 15, Wharton-Smith team members, faculty, students, and school board members gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony in the new gymnasium. The event was boisterous and energetic with performances by the school’s dance team and choir, inspiring remarks from Orange County School Board Chair Teresa Jacobs, Principal Michelle Thomas, and more. See more pictures.

“I must express my sincere gratitude to Wharton-Smith for not only building our gorgeous school but also continually supporting us with a ‘whatever it takes’ approach throughout the opening of our school building,” Principal Thomas said. “Furthermore, as we overcome some of our daily challenges, Wharton-Smith has proven that they are a true partner with Horizon West Middle School. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” she added.

The $37.7 million school is a three-story, prototype built on a 25-acre greenfield site with the capacity to hold 1,213 students. The project included buildings, utilities, parking lots, walkways, and athletic fields. The new school will alleviate overcrowding at Bridgewater Middle School.

“The most rewarding experience for me, personally, on this project is seeing the development and growth that each one of our team members has made since we mobilized on site,” Larry Sease, Project Executive said. “There is no doubt that each will go to their next project with an increased knowledge and confidence as it relates to their current and future roles,” he added.

Thanks to all who have been a part of this successful project, Paul Radenhausen, Tim Downer, Todd Fatzinger, Adam Wilcox, Dominic Porreca, Edith Heard, Cory McBriarty, Megan Shevlin, Kyle Rose, Marie Rhodes-Lamb, Brittany Stevens, Mike Christian, Gilbert Orcasitas, Chris Orcasitas, Chris Gayner, Cristina Garcia, Robert Mueller, Mike Morton, Tom Widener, John Lyons, Andy Duthie, and Joe Schmidt.