New Carpet for Kids House

Recently, representatives from Kids House, Wharton-Smith, and Hudson-Everly Commercial Flooring, gathered to celebrate the completion of the floor renovation at Kids House with a walk through and pictures.

It all started in 2017. The staff at Kids House started to see small holes in the carpet throughout the building and were concerned about the concrete floor below it. In January 2019, Wharton-Smith was called to investigate. We determined that someone wearing high heels must have punctured the carpet right into the joints of the concrete slab below but there were no structural issues.

That’s when General Superintendent Mike Morton called Hudson-Everly Flooring and asked for help. “We were ready to make the repairs in March of 2019 but at the very same time Kids House received a Seminole County grant to replace the carpet in the building. Plans were put on hold until funding arrived in March 2020,” Mike said.

Wharton-Smith coordinated and managed the project, and Hudson-Everly completed the work. The biggest challenge for Ron Hudson’s team was disassembling all of the office furniture and cubicles and putting them back together again after the carpet installation.

Juliette Kong, Kids House Associate Executive Director said, “The new carpet looks beautiful. It was certainly worth the wait. We want to thank Hudson-Everly and Wharton-Smith for being such wonderful community partners.”

About Kids House
Established in 1999, Kids House has been at the forefront in Seminole County and Central Florida for investigating, treating, and healing child victims of abuse. Last year, with the support of Wharton-Smith and other local businesses, they helped more than 2,000 children.